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What To Expect When You Come To Cloud 9
For A Massage:
 When you come in to Cloud 9 for a massage ,we want you to feel relaxed and happy. Please arrive approximately 5 minutes before your appointment time to allow for the therapist to consult with you, go over your intake form and show you around. After you know where everything is we will show you to your room. There are hooks behind the door for your clothes, and a dish for jewelry or glasses,key etc. Each therapist will discuss what to expect , how they will start and tell you to let them know during the massage if you want more or less pressure or if you are comfortable. SPEAK UP! This is your massage if you want to change something or if you are to warm cold etc, you have to tell us! We are very intuitive, but we do not have E.S.P. After the therapist leave the room you may disrobe and get on the table underneath the colored sheet. The therapist will return, knock and begin your massage. After your massage the therapist will leave the room and get you some water while you get dressed. Go ahead and come out of your room and back up to the front and we will set up your next appointment and see you out. Do not hesitate to ask question or ask for more information about massage and you are always welcome to come in and meet us and look around at any time.
Ask about Spa Packages...
Relaxation/Swedish Massage: 
30 minutes:  $30
45 minutes:  $45
60 minutes: $60
75 minutes:  $70
90 minutes:  $85
A hands on full body massage of medium pressure.  Relieves muscle tension, stimulates circulation, increases serotonin levels, improves muscle one and promotes total mind and body relaxation.
Deep Tissue Massage:  "Same as price above"
A firm pressure therapeutic massage.  Helps alleviate pain, muscle spasms, stress, inflammation and tissue damage.  Great for anyone with soft tissue problems that produce and discomfort or pain.
Pre-Natal Massage:  "Same as price above"
A gentle massage geared to relieving the muscle cramps, spasms, and pain often encountered in the lower back, neck, hips, and legs during pregnancy.  
Hot Stone Massage:  $75

Penetrating heat from smooth oiled & warmed stones is used to relieve tense muscles and sorejoints.  Combined with Swedish techniques, this creates and unforgettable, thoroughly relaxing experience.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage: $80
Himalayan Salt Stone Massage is an innovative healing technique using warm salt crystal stones to ground and balance the body's electromagnetic field, central nervous system and meridians. Salt crystals from an ancient primal sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains are hand-carved into massage stones that gently soothe away an accumulation of stress, tension and pollutants, while bringing the mind, body and spirit, into balance.
Warm Bamboo Massage:  $70
 Come and try this NEW style of massage & enjoy the benefits of Warm Bamboo Massage. 
Bamboo Massage is the Hottest new treatment since hot stone massage. 
Bamboo massage combines the traditional benefits of massage along with the comforting qualities of heat.  Natural bamboo sticks are heated, rubbed & pressed over the body to reduce life's everyday strain.  The warmth of the bamboo rolling over your muscles will soothe & revitalize you  This massage increases lymphatic circulation & reduces stress and fatigue. It feels great, and you'll be amazed at the deep state of relaxation warm bamboo massage offers! 
•The Passive Stretch Massage: 
 60 min for $40
You are fully clothed and every part of your body will be stretched!
Benefits of stretching:
  • Better circulation: The stretched tissue leaves more room for the blood vessels to expand and more blood can enter and exit the organs, supplying with oxygen and nutrition and removing waste products.
  • Proper space for nerves: Some nerves, like the sciatic nerve on the back of the thigh or the brachial plexus on the shoulder, pass through or near muscles. A contracted muscle around a nerve will create a mechanical pressure around it, or will constrict the blood supply to the nerve.
  • Flowing movement: A well-stretched body uses less muscle power in order to perform movement. It has less resistance from other contracted muscles, leaving us with a feeling of ease and allowing us to have flowing movements in day-to-day tasks. We become less tired and age slower.
Seated Chair Massage
15 minutes - $15; 30 minutes - $30
An efficient, fully-clothed massage that improves circulation, stimulates muscles, and reduces tension in the back, neck, & shoulders.
Spa Treatments/Other...
• All Natural Face Treatment: $35 (add on to massage $15)

This relaxing experience includes a thorough cleansing & exfoliation.  A special blended masque balances & restores your skins vitality.  Hot steam towels are incorporated throughout your session for your total pleasure.

• Argan Facial:   $40
This includes a cell stimulating face mask. This mask draws out impurities while Moroccan argan oil, CoQ10, & seal salt buckthorn oil provide moisture. Serious Cell Repair! You can purchase the Moroccan argan oil from Kelli. Ask for details...
 Essential Back Facial: $60
A refreshing facial for your back!  Deeply cleanse, refine, & smooth the skin.  An exfoliation, massage, masque & moisturization to promote healthy, clear skin on the back.  An aromatherapy blend of essential oils evokes the comfort of warm milk & honey oil extracts, rich in antioxidant vitamin E, to moisturize the skin.
• Organic Foot Therapy:  $35

The feet are exfoliated with a green tea mint & peppermint foot scrub leaving the feet clean & refreshed.  Relax as a cool masque made from mineral clay is applied followed by an intense moisturizer massaged deep into your feet creating both a healing & calming sensation!
Sea Salt Scrub75 minutes - $60
A salt glow (also known as a salt scrub or sea salt scrub) is the most popular body treatment at the spa. The primary purpose of a salt glow is to exfoliate your skin.
A salt glow also hydrates your skin because the salt is combined with oil and usually some aromatic like lemon or lavender.  The salt glow is followed by a shower and an application of body lotion, and leaves your skin feeling very soft and fragrant.
Cupping Massage:  $65

Cupping massage is a modified version of "cupping therapy," which has been used extensively in Chinese medicine for several thousand years. By creating suction and negative pressure, massage cupping is used to drain excess fluids and toxins; bring blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin; and loosen adhesions, connective tissue and stubborn knots in soft tissue. Great for fibromyalgia or anyone sensitive to pressure it is said to go 4 times deeper than a traditional massage.
Cupping Facial:  Addtional $5 to any Massage

Benefits of Facial Rejuvenation Cupping:

  • Increased blood circulation to head and neck
  • Increased circulation and absorption of nutrients to the skin
  • Improved absorption of facial products
  • Drainage of stagnant fluids
  • Reduced puffiness and edema
  • Reduced appearance and prevention of facial lines and wrinkles
Castor Oil Treatment: 
 Additional $10 to any Massage
If you suffer from regular of sporadic back pain, the simplest tasks in life can be torturous to do.  Perhaps you have tried every new 'quick fix remedy' that comes on the market, hoping this will finally relieve you from pain and misery.  Well here's a technique that combines the healing power of Castor oil to not only ease the pain, but also relieve the inner self of a lot of stress. 
Castor oil's medicinal use dates back to the ancient Egyptians, and is just as effective today!
This treatment helps with joint pain, arthritis, and any muscle soreness.  The oil is placed on the area that pains the most and we apply heat for about 20-30 minutes. Heat allows the oil to penetrate the skin and work its
way deep into the tissues! 
Massage/Spa Enhancements

Spa enhancements are mini-spa treatments that are designed to enhance your massage experience with scent, texture, & temperature.  These enhancements may be incorporated into any massage to create a personalized experience!
$5 Each
Steam Towel Treatment:  The use of hot, moist towels can help relax tight muscles, sooth irritated nerve endings, & increase circulation.  We apply that warmth to your back & feet!

Soothing Face:  Hot towels are applied to the face and ending with a coconut oil face massage.  Coconut oil is moisturizing and full of vitamins & minerals.

Warm Bamboo on Back:  You will enjoy the feeling of warm bamboo stick gliding on your skin, melting your tension away!

Hot Stone on Back:  Warmed basalt stones melt away tension.  Used directly on skin in long gliding strokes.

Allergy-Sinus:  A special blend of sinus oils is applied to your face, combined with pressure point therapy to help release sinus pressure & symptoms associated with tension headaches.

Facial Cupping:  Increases blood circulation to face & neck, reduce puffiness & edema, improves circulation, reduced appearance and prevention of facial lines & wrinkles!

$10 Each
Foot Scrub:  Foot scrub with soothing foot massage & hot towels.  Much needed for those over worked feet!

Back Scrub:  The back is an often overlooked area that can always use special attention.  Enjoy a healthy exfoliation and removal of dry skin.  You will fee relaxed and refreshed!

Mini-Facial:  During this express treatment we will gently exfoliate your face followed with a moisturizer & face massage.

Cold Stones:  A great addition to the allergy sinus enhancement for headache suffers.  cold stones are added to the face or body to reduce inflammation in muscles or sinus area.

$15 Each(15 extra minutes will be added to your massage time when you select one of the below enhancement options)

Reflexology:  A wonderful compliment to any massage;  specifically applied pressure helps to heal the entire body.  Reflexology encourages the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance.

Dry Skin Brushing:  Eliminates dead skin cells and tissue toxins, stimulates circulation & improves tone.  Immune system is greatly improved with regularity.  Your skin will feel luxurious!  (We do have dry brushes for sale for yourown personal use).

$20 Each   

All Natural Face Treatment:  This relaxing experience includes a thorough cleansing & exfoliation.  A special blended masque balances & restores your skins vitality.  Hot steam towels are incorporated throughout your session for your total pleasure.

 Spa Parties:  "Ask for pricing"

We offer a unique and variety of services to meet your needs.  Our private "Spa Parties" are great for bridesmaids, company events, church groups, baby showers, or just a fun day with the girls!
Ask our spa coordinators to help pick the best package for you.  Our packages include your choice of massage, facials, foot treatments, and much more!
*To be considered a spa party, there must be at least a group of 3 or more*
Spa Parties:
  • Are healthy and add no calories.
  • De-stress employees during hectic times of year thus improving their immunity so they can work more.
  • May cost less that a dinner drinks event
  • Offer little chance for bad behavior or hard feelings or embarrassment
  • Eliminate impaired driving
  • Include services can be tailored to the individuals needs
  • Can be held during the day and does not cut into employee personal time
  • Create more bonding than run-of-the-mill parties
  • Make employers seem progressive and genuinely concerned for the health and well being of employees
  • Allow managers to be pampered too!
Smart companies are seeking out the solace of the local day spa. Celebrating events in a healthy holistic way is the new trend. Group activities that forage friendships and create deep interaction go a long way in helping retain employees and encouraging them to stay with your business. John Challenger, CEO of Challenger, Grey, and Christmas in Chicago, Illinois says his company's decision to include perks at the spa have been "a very good investment!" After all, who calls in sick on massage day?
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