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Tired of guessing what essential oils are best for just you and what nutritional supplements to use?  

End your confusion now!

Some friends have shared about their experiences with Zyto Compass:

Leslie V: I am amazed at how the Zyto Compass Scan gets to the root of the issue and reveals more of the emotional component to the issue I am concerned about.

Holly T: I started the Zyto Compass during a really stressful time. I scanned for Super C, sulfurzyme, and nutmeg (adrenal). A month later, the physical issues were resolved, but I was a wreck emotionally. I scanned highest for Inner Child. After another month, I was doing a lot better but feeling discouraged. I scanned highest for magnify your potential. Now after a few weeks, I’m really feeling whole again.

Linda J: When I first got the Zyto Compass, I wanted to see if it really worked, I took it to a party, put 20 people on it, it was accurate for all 20, I was sold! It alerted my niece of her TMJ before the dentist did!

Debbie E: As a chiropractor, I always do my clinical exam/assessment first. Then I do the Zyto scan on the patient and am always amazed how the findings correlate! Love my Zyto!

Kirby S: I just have to say…I got my scanner and scanned myself this morning…BLOWN AWAY!!!!! I can’t believe how dead on it is! I’ve been using the wrong oil, but now I know exactly what to use. Holy cow!! So excited!!! Want to scan the planet!

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